Trademark Renewal in Ranchi

Trademark Renewal in Patna-Trademark Renewal Consultant in Ranchi-Advocate for Trademark Renewal in Patna-How to renew Trademark in Ranchi

Trademark Renewal in Patna-Trademark Renewal Consultant in Ranchi-Advocate for Trademark Renewal in Patna-How to renew Trademark in Ranchi

When an application for trademark registration or registration of brand, logo or punch line is filed with Intellectual Property Department of Government of India, the department issues its views on we would get trademark or not as trademark objection. Trademark objection is raised under section 9 or 10 or section 11 of trademark act. After receiving trademark objection notice, we have to file its reply within the prescribed time limit. Upon failure to file reply within the prescribed time limit, the application could be abandoned.

If department raises any objection on trademark application, the application is then published in trademark journal. When Trademark Journal is published, any party or any person or company, using same trademark that of ours or similar to ours, could raise opposition and could file opposition application. When Trademark opposition is file by opponent, trademark applicant has to file counter statement within 2 months of time.

If department is convinced with clarifications and counter statement filed by ours, it allows our trademark to be registered.

If there is no trademark objection or trademark opposition or department approves application to be registered, the trademark is registered. Once trademark is registered, it is valid for ten years.

Before expiry of validity of 10 years, we would have to file application for trademark renewal. After renewal, trademark get renewed for next 10 years.

Trademark application can be rectified before it is registered, when it is registered, trademark can not be rectified but can be amended. Trademark Rectification is allowed only when substance of trademark application by such rectification is not changed.

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We provide A-Z services that you as an entrepreneurs might need for starting, running, managing or growing your business in India or outside India.

1) Business Registration Services

Sole Proprietorship Registration

Partnership Registration

Limited on Liability Partnership Registration

Company Registration

NIDHI company registration

Non Banking Financial company registration

Producer Company registration

Section 8 Company registration

Multi-State cooperative society registration

SSI/MSME Registration

EPF and ESIC registration

2) NGO registration services

NGO registration

Trust Registration

Society Registration

3) Tax Registration Services

Central Sales Registration

Vat Registration

Service Tax Registration

Goods & Service Tax Registration

Professional Tax Registration

Entry Tax Registration

Import Export Code Registration

4) Intellectual Property rights services

Logo Registration

Trademark Registration

Trademark Rectification

Trademark Assignment

Trademark Renewal

Trademark Objection

Trademark Opposition

Copyright Registration

Patent Registration

Geographical Indication (GI) Registration

Design Registration

5) Business Licensing Services

Trade License

Labour License

Contractor License

FSSAI License (Food License)

Security Agency License

Call Centre License

Drug License

Electrical License

BOCW License

DOT ISP License

DOT OSP License (Call Centre License)

NSIC License

SSI MSME License

DAVP License

Pollution License

NABL License

NABH License

PWD License

CPWD License

Factory License

Pollution License

Security Agency License

PSARA License

Call center license

DOT OSP license

Fire License

6) Product and Service Certification

ISO certification

ISI certification

FSSAI certification

CE certification

Karam License

Security Agency License

PSARA License

7) Accounting & Auditing Services

Secretarial Audit

Tax Audit

Vat Audit

Cost Audit

Internal Audit

Concurrent Audit

Labour Audit

Accounting & Book Keeping services

8) Compliance Related Services

Company Annual Compliance

Tax filing services

TDS-TCS filing services

NGO annual compliance

Labour Laws Compliance

Project Report Preparation

9) Internet and Software Solutions

Website designing

Website hosting

Domain Registration

Software development

Google apps development

SEO services

Online Marketing


Trademark Renewal in Patna-Trademark Renewal Consultant in Ranchi-Advocate for Trademark Renewal in Patna-How to renew Trademark in Ranchi

We not only help entrepreneurs in starting up their ventures but also provide complete set of accounting, auditing, legal and tax related advisory services. This helps us in providing whole gamut of services under one roof.

Trademark Renewal in Patna-Trademark Renewal Consultant in Ranchi-Advocate for Trademark Renewal in Patna-How to renew Trademark in Ranchi

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